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Bridget Adeyemi, CEO LekkiAjahIkoyi talks about her real estate story, what inspired her to take real estate as a profession and the challenges coupled with success stories She has had since she started the venture.

The journey started…

I started real estate out of my passion for lovely space, checking out houses in the premises where I lived. When we wanted to buy our first apartment, my husband saddled me with the responsibilities of looking for a nice apartment. Although it’s a stressful task, I did it passion because I’ve always like to check out properties and eventually, I found the one that soothes our purpose. Carrying out this task successfully got me into thinking and I said to myself that I could actually take it as a business if this is what it all about.

My focus…

After making the decision to start, I also selected the locations of properties which I wanted to focus on and these were Ikoyi, Ajah and Lekki, Lagos. The reason for choosing these locations was because I discovered by research that real estate was more booming on Lagos island compared to the Lagos mainlands.

Also, I have been consistent in posting properties on a daily basis. I do promo so as to create awareness and the likes. Apart from being consistent in that aspect, what has kept me going as I said is my passion. I sleep and wake thinking about real estate and even reflects in what I do.

As a woman in an industry full of men, I’ve heard a lot of grounds that were so tempting enough for me to compromise. However, because of the fear of God and the love I have for my family, I was able to overcome those temptations. When a buyer starts giving me conditions that contradict my standard, I back out knowing that another person will definitely come by for the same property.


Being a woman…

My gender has had a great impact on my sales. Many clients like it when they see a female pitching a product to them. Not because of any ulterior motive but for the fact that they are amazed seeing opposite sex in the male-dominated industry. Very few times, I’ve sold a property to a client who never came for inspection but through pictures and my judgement. Another one bought because in a female realtor and she really appreciated it.

The role of social media in my business

Social media has done a whole lot for me. I joined Instagram in 2015 and I posted my first picture, even though I don’t really know the importance. Even though I never knew I was gonna make it this big on the internet, I had to learn about social media marketing when I took up the role, head of marketing in a real estate company for 6months. My boss also impacted his knowledge into me.

My family and business

In as much as I love my business, I don’t take it over my family. My family comes first in all things after God. I have always known that if I failed in my marriage, I fail in everything. I try my best possible to be transparent to my husband and He’s also part of the business.

What I would do if I had the chance to turn back the hand of time?

I would be more outspoken and not being an introvert. In this business, you need to learn out to come out of your shell and blow your trumpet for people to hear and know what you sell. All thanks to my husband who has been doing his best to see that I match up to trend. I couldn’t express myself some years ago but the game has changed. To go far, you really need to go extra miles to get there meaning you need to be all out, it requires you going extra miles to be able to make it in the industry.

Advice for female realtors…

Upcoming realtors should take their time to create awareness, earn people’s trust by being consistent and be patient. They should also position themselves in the market by acquiring all the necessary skills. The honest truth is that it is not easy starting up. I recall when I was starting up, there was a paticular year I only sold 2 houses throughout that year which almost got me depressed. I motivated myself by not quitting cos I know quitters are for losers. In addition, set an annual target with a monthly review. I surpassed my targets like last year, and for this year, I will do the same despite all odds.



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